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Slipcover Interior Design Trends Autumn/Winter 2022

Slipcover Interior Design Trends Autumn/Winter 2022

The year 2022 brings with it numerous innovations in furniture and interior design. The furnishing of the home is certainly a process that meets one’s cultural needs. However, it requires special care, attention and commitment. For autumn winter 2022, there are many interior design trends. The watchwords are comfort and sustainability. The aim is to create an ambience that respects the personality of the person living in the home, but is also cosy.

Stunning dried flower arrangements for your home. Dried flower bunches in empty jam jars. / Close up of a bed dressed with coloured blankets and cushions, bedside table with a vase of grasses./ A two toned wall with light brown paint on the upper and dark brown paint on the bottom, a dark woork open shelving unit with small decor and a light wood side table.

 1. Soothing Spaces

With our busy modern lifestyles, our home environment can actually become a very stressful place.With many of us facing more time indoors, thanks to the colder weather, its is important to find that balance of calm and function at home again.The soothing spaces trend addresses this issue head on.Use neutrals, greens, browns and even florals through paint or fabrics in these areas to get the best calming effect.

2. Minimalism

Minimalism has always been a popular trend in interior design. So it is no surprise to see it appear in our autumn/winter interior design trends list. Minimalism has a way of cutting through the clutter in our lives and refocusing our homes to their central purpose.Remember minimalism never really goes out of fashion, so why not make the change and enhance the liveability of your interiors.

3. Round Shapes and Curves

Curves and round edges have become increasingly popular within the design industry.The easiest way is to do this is with furniture. While there are lots of variations of curves and soft edges within furniture, the abundance of choice allows you the freedom to choose how best to apply this look to your home.

4. Bright Skies

Bright Skies, like its name suggests, presents a fresh and airy tone that breathes new life into tired interiors.
Its versatile in its application too, working well with other colour palettes to create different tones. For example combining Bright Skies with greens, introduces inspiration from nature and its positive effects inside your home.

5. Inspiration From Nature

Another trend spilling out of the pandemic, and linked to soothing spaces above, is inspiration from nature.If we have learnt anything from the last few years, nature is truly integral to our well-being and lifestyles, so why not seek inspiration from nature in your home?

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